Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Break Here at Last

I feel like the main subjects in Edouard Boubat's Nazare, Portugal from 1956 = EXHAUSTED (and able to fall asleep on command in any public venue)!

Now it's time for a ROAD TRIP and a real vacation. Going somewhere new, seeing an old friend, and attending a photo conference where Nancy and I will be giving a big old talk.

Note to self: acquire a cowboy shirt.

Realization: I'm so tired of winter and uninterested in this season that snow cakes are no longer in my future. Alas, I tried but that is all it was... a trial with lots of errors. It will have to live on as a movie, a brand of soap, and this lovely image from the Tibetan plateau. I detect another post about swimming pools in the near future.

From the website: "To study the affect of snow on the grasslands, Hopping and her co-researchers placed 64 “snow cakes” on the grass. The snow cakes resemble icy, over-sized hockey pucks, 1 meter across. Underneath these chilly micro-climates, Hopping monitored soil moisture, temperature, nitrate levels and carbon dioxide fluxes. Once the snow melted, she recorded the health and species composition of the plants underneath."

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