Thursday, August 19, 2010

We circled Lake Michigan, spending the night in Green Bay upon our return from the UP. I have nothing to say about Green Bay other than I would hate to be there any other time of year except summer. Aside from that, I had Hannah take this photograph of a fast food joint as we drove by because I still marvel at the idea of a "butterburger." I did a little research to discover what exactly this culinary nondelight comprises (it belongs under the category of things I now wish I didn't know).

I can't imagine why any burger needs 6-8 tablespoons of butter but I didn't say I was visiting the leanest state in the nation.

Milwaukee, on the other hand, was impressive. First stop: Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum. Unfortunately, we weren't interested in any of the exhibitions but we did manage to walk around the entire building and sneak several peeks in the main foyer. I am a sucker for new architecture as one of my favorite buildings is this. Don't let the fog fool you, it was HOT and HUMID and reminiscent of Houston, Texas in August.

We missed the "wings" opening and closing at noon. This video shows them in motion near the end and I can't help but think "Batman" each time I see it.

A little Alexander Calder in the entry.

The "wings" from inside:

What city doesn't need an enormous, orange di Suvero?

We grabbed lunch at the Fuel Cafe (highly worth visiting) and proceeded to spend the next several hours crawling through Friday evening rush hour traffic in Chicago. We brought home a cooler full of whitefish and trout (smoked and fresh), Wisconsin cheese, and brick oven baked bread. Just wondering how many more days that will last before I really have to go to the grocery store. Come on payday!

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