Monday, August 16, 2010

Fake Cake Float: Michigan and the UP Part 2

Once crossing the Mackinac Bridge, I had a brief opportunity to float "Little Great Lakes" in Lake Huron with Mackinaw Island in the background. I realize we didn't see Huron in more than one location but it was far less interesting than all the others and harder to walk along due to the larger size of the rocks. It wasn't until we crossed the bridge did it fully sink in that these were lakes that we were visiting, not calm replicas of the ocean.

The "world's largest" this and the "world's largest" that were often on our minds. We read stats about the Great Lakes on the phone when we had reception and even encountered this giant fake dessert in Charlevoix, MI:

The convenience store near our campground in Paradise, MI had a display of a giant Hershey's bar with a normal size one for comparison. The package of marshmallows was the largest I have ever seen (at least double the normal size).

That was not to be outdone by the giant lighters at the cash register:

On 11th August, "Little Great Lakes" made its last appearance in Lake Superior at Whitefish Bay. We took naps on the beach next to the lighthouse and museum (well tried to amidst the blowing of a horn that sounded like bad tuba practice). I wanted to go here because of my continual desire to reach the "end of the road." From the lighthouse, it went no further but I had to drive as far as it would take me [Realization: does this have anything to do with seeing how close to an earthwork I could drive the SUV?]. Despite the cloudy weather, the water temperature was tolerable and I captured some great photographs of Hannah holding the cake (once again channeling my inner Richard Misrach or Catherine Opie).

The more time spent in this area, the more my center of interest shrank in the viewfinder. The largeness of the land became more important than the recognition of the cake. Scale will continue to be a theme with the cake I saved for last... the "5-tier."

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