Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fake Cake Float: Little Great Lakes

Left to Right:

Lake Erie, Evangola State Park, NY - 29th June 2010
Lake Ontario, Durand Eastman State Park, NY - 1st July 2010
Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Bay, MI - 10 August 2010
Lake Huron, St. Ignace, MI - 10 August 2010
Lake Superior, Whitefish Bay, MI - 11 August 2010

My outside opinions (I knew that Lake Erie was my choice but had to ask two people their thoughts). The first was my cousin David who didn't know much about the project until last week:

"Numbering these from left to right, number 3 if my favorite. The water appears to be smooth and rich which defines a good cake. It also feels like it is the view from a hidden tropical island, which some people say is heaven, but for me the cake is what I call heaven. ;-) My second favorite is number 2, followed by number 1. Number 5 has potential but only if it is printed large enough for the viewer to realize that the girl has a cake in her hand. Number 4 is my least favorite because it looks like someone cut out a picture of a cake and pasted into a river picture. Sort of like a bad photoshop job. I know this is not the case and the picture is real, but the cake stands out because there are no ripples in the water and the cake lighting is very different lighting from the rocks underneath. So, if you are trying to match the awesomeness that is cake with the awesomeness that is water, go with number 3. If you are trying to be ironic and say that cake does not belong near water, go with number 4. And being a single guy, any photo with a girl in it gets high marks so I like number 5. ;-) Now I am craving cake...."

Then I elicited Aaron's opinion who took me to the dog park in Chicago on the first Lake Michigan cake float:

"Let's see... tough to choose a favorite, I love em all! If pressed though, I'd say the one on the far left. Like the way it seems like its all cake vs. lake."

... and "all cake vs. lake" wins. #3 (Lake Michigan) was my second choice but the water looked very similar to the 5-tier float in Lake Superior. Although I love my Richard Misrach ripoff - #5 - (and Hannah pointed out that it resembles the cake topper holding the cake from Niagara Falls), it's not sunny and I couldn't use two cakes from Lake Superior because I would then have eight bodies of water which doesn't fit with the series.

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