Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's been a rough week but it has a happy ending.

Here are the highlights. Postcards in the mail! The second round of the Postcard Collective took place earlier this month. Although I am not in this round (the next one has my name on it), I did receive two cards in the mail. I thoroughly enjoy how other artists are constructing their cards and how they compose the backs. It will be a real challenge when it is my turn without relying on a fake cake. Here is one from William Bragg:

James and Tanya came to visit and despite the heat we had a lot of fun living it up in Muncie. Here is James's second addition to the Postcard Collective carrying on the theme of a previous post with a note specific to one individual but sent to many.

James is having a solo show at Wittenberg University that opens on the 30th August. If you are near Springfield, Ohio, it's a must see! 40 of the photographs in his book Suginami are on view. From the Blurb website: "Suginami is one the 23 ‘ku’ or ‘wards’ of Tokyo, an area of the city where I lived for five years. Houses and apartments there are sited tightly together; narrow streets and even narrower paths wind in around themselves in a maze of walls, fences, gates and plants that carefully delimit private space from public. In, around and through the margins of this place I walked hours every day. Suginami is an exploration of the ways this landscape layers into the edges of a frame, the transformation of light inside the dark box of the camera, and the space of discovery between the viewfinder and the eye."

The most appropriate postcard for this summer's activities arrived from Amelia with a story about it's purchase in South Korea:

The most unlikely/unexpected exhibition(ist) opportunity I've received also appeared in my mailbox:

The cat living in my garage since Monday will be moving to his new home in Indy Saturday. Hooray for Amelia and Drew for adopting him! Here is Amelia with the newly christened Carlos AKA I wish my cats were this nice and I lived in a place big enough to adopt him too.

Mark Sawrie in response to this photograph: "A Girl with a Cheshire Grin... and a Cat."

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