Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier: Three Visits

Day 1 - Late afternoon, 4th June 2014: Clouds

We did not anticipate the sheer amount of snow and ice that had not yet melted. It was cold (highly reminiscent of the awful Midwest winter) but undeniably beautiful. I did not break out the camera (other than the iPhone photo above) until the next day when I hoped for sunshine.

Day 2 - Early morning 5 June 2014: Frigid Water (particularly if one is collecting samples and floating paper)

Clear water samples for my wooden box and some for those that requested them when I announced on twitter my excess of specimen bottles.

Victoria Glacier: wishing I could see an avalanche (from far, far away).

This is what 9 AM looks like (I have to remind myself because I seldom know).

Day 3 - Late Afternoon Saturday 7 June 2014: Ice

My quintessential Canadian photograph (and the scene I will long to return to for the rest of my life).

Canoe as Ice Breaker

Ice in the Sun

Ice and water reflection in the shade

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