Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jasper National Park: It's Like Visiting New Zealand All Over Again

On the Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield Glacier moments after seeing baby bighorn sheep alongside the road.

Columbia Icefield during a snowstorm

Ill-prepared for winter in June but I stood on a glacier!

Athabasca Falls

Canadian camper in downtown Jasper

Whistler's Mountain

Whistler's Mountain

Ashes in a broken make-shift coffin on Whistler's Mountain with Jasper and my favorite lake in the distance - Lac Beauvert.

Lac Beauvert - best turquoise colored lake in the entire Canadian park system. Canoes at the Fairmount Jasper Park Lodge.

Lac Beauvert

Lac Beauvert

Lac Beauvert

Mountains at Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake in the evening

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