Saturday, July 19, 2014

Frustrations in the Packing Department

I have dreaded this week for two years and it proved to be as challenging as I suspected it might. An exhibition that was scheduled 22 months ago is occurring in September. For the first time Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water must be shipped to Idaho. Here is an excellent way to drop too much money on shipping materials, obtain a giant paper cut, and utter several strings of swear words when I discovered the dimensions of the boxes were incorrect despite my being assured the contents would fit. A few photos from the behind the scenes frustration follow:

Everyone always ask me if I took a class in box building. I would like to say "yes" [translation: this type of thing was taught in the schools I attended] but no, I had to learn it on my own with some thanks to working at Texas Gallery. It's the only time I enjoy math unless I have unexpected deposits in my checking account. Here all nine photos spread everywhere, packed with bubble, corners and foam awaiting cardboard boxes to cut down and size to my measurements.

The photo lab at school is under massive construction and I haven't been able to work as much as I would like this summer (hence my favorite printer covered with a tarp and random furniture throughout the room). This will change as soon as school starts as I have great plans to conquer a lot of unfinished business this fall, start a new series, and work on the collaboration with Brent.

Enter great swearing when I had to haul these to the UPS Store for four days while they custom build four boxes for me because nothing would work or fit in my car = a great waste of time and energy given that my lifting and walking abilities aren't up to par post surgery.

Fortunately, one piece is done. When artwork fits this well into a box I made, I can't help but feel happy. Maybe I should build boxes for the next faculty show = a great foray into sculpture = imagining that will not go over well with anyone other than me. Now I patiently wait for the phone call from the UPS Store. In the meantime, I may go look at some artwork.

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