Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Misconception #3: The Opacity of Meltwater

The third startling misconception of my life presented itself in Banff and Jasper National Parks earlier this month. Every photograph I have ever seen of meltwater indicated that it was opaque, like liquid minty toothpaste flowing through river beds and lapping onto lake shores. It is not and my quick phrase/drawing above floating in Lake Louise shows this inaccuracy. [For those dying to know, the other misconceptions were: 1) snowshoes don't allow you to walk on top of snow and 2) swim caps do not prevent hair from getting wet.]

Lake Louise was the first body of water on my list that I had never visited. It is significant due to the photographs my aunt and uncle sent of their family's summer vacation approximately twenty-five years ago. In the clouds and mist, it was an enchanting location for a teenager growing up in the high desert landscape. It became a place of longing and this months three visits did not disappoint.

I write this with the images of Lake Louise on my Canon CF card sixty miles away with the hopes of posting the highlights this weekend. Life has been frantic since the end of April - apologies for my irregular blog posts. Soon I will be well enough to post on a regular basis as there is so much to complete during the remaining half of summer.

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