Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two Days on Lake Pend Oreille


I am still processing the Lake Pend Oreille photographs and will have more to say soon. So many memories are bottled up in a couple locations on one large lake splayed across the Panhandle.

Cape Horn Road, Bayview, Idaho

Navy sonar barge, Bayview, Idaho

Cape Horn / Bayview, Idaho

Cape Horn / Bayview, Idaho

Clear Water Sample for the specimen box, Cape Horn / Bayview, Idaho

My favorite documentation of Camden's Rock at Cape Horn / Bayview, Idaho

Lake Pend Oreille through the binoculars, Cape Horn / Bayview, Idaho

Clear water sample specimen bottle in the water (the bubbles give its location away)

This tugboat has rested here long before I was born and I was shocked to discover it was still there (the accidental trespassing view).

The normal view from every photograph of the past.

Sunnyside looking East.

Driftwood marker, Sunnyside

Sportsman's Access, Sunnyside

Beyond Hope, Idaho

Beyond Hope, Idaho

One final photograph from City Beach, Sandpoint on the final night before leaving for Canada.

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