Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weathered Paper Part 2

Last July, I hung notebooks under the eaves to see if I could use them in their weathered state. I was extremely disappointed that one sheet attached to the larger sketchbook disappeared within the first month. I always wondered what happened to it. Did someone pull it off? Did the wind sweep it away? I had plans for that sheet in its yellowed, water stained state and they were foiled when it vanished.

Earlier this week, I gathered information for my next artist stalking adventure on Google Street View and discovered the image of the rental cave was updated. Lo and behold, the Google street car photographed the missing sheet of paper in the yard.

As everyone in this part of the world will tell you, this winter is the worst in decades. I ventured outdoors a couple days ago to look at the current status of the suspended paper and this is what I found. 

The two notebooks on the left were removed a couple months ago but the other two are sufficiently weathered. At least I know that the Google car can help me locate them if they dematerialize before my next trip outside.

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