Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Postcard Collective Winter 2014

Abbie Hoffman's Steal this Book was this round's influence. I wanted to create a postcard that indirectly said "Read this!" because I know everyone does before it arrives at its destination. My favorite postal clerk even admitted she scrutinizes my cards (whether or not it is "legal"). All of this is ripe for the creation of more than one image and I plan to continue this theme in the future.

With this postcard, the question arises what does one write that typically would not be admitted in a public forum (albeit the audience is small)? I also wanted it to be art related and after several weeks thought, this was my answer. Next I would like to reveal something that the reader would feel embarrassed knowing - something so personal (yet art related) - everyone wonders why it is written in plain sight for all to read.

Side note: This week I started having conversations with postal clerks about Mail Art.

My question was: "What is the strangest thing anyone has ever mailed?"
Response #1: "A dog collar sent media mail."
Response #2: "Last week a woman sent a sheep's brain."

Next week: New post office. Same question.

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