Friday, February 14, 2014

What Did You Do On February 5th?

On 5th February 2013, I was at school from 11 AM - 10 PM. After a departmental meeting and working quietly in my office, it was critique day in Photo 1. They produced excellent work for their first assignment (display case worthy). In the middle of my Photo 2 class, I cut sixteen cardboard box corners to protect my framed artwork for its shipment to Poland. It was a darkroom day and not too many people were asking me questions so I didn't feel too guilty about doing something for me. I ate leftover soup for dinner at 11 PM and edited photographs for the series A Tale of Two Obsessions: Arline Conradt and the Cat Scrapbook until well after 1 AM.

One year later on 5th February 2014, I answered an email from a stranger in Germany requesting my mailing address. The outcome led to receiving the images above by Ernst Richter. Other than wondering what that would entail, it was not a good day. It snowed so much the previous night and early morning that it was not possible to leave the unplowed road in front of my house. I missed a vital meeting which caused undue stress the rest of the week and an important lab day in Special Topics. This snow day was not relaxing or productive.

I searched for Ernst Richter's Homage to On Kawara online and this is what I found. I wish there was more. Thank you for including me in your project, Mr. Richter.

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