Monday, December 2, 2013

The Return of Emoji Art History

Last year (this very week), I was so brain dead from school that I began to recreate artworks with Emoji and posted them on Instagram. It was an escapist method of making art without much effort and they quickly became addictive. After producing more than twenty, I blogged about them here. A few days later, other people's versions went viral and I promptly kicked myself for my bad timing by not posting them a month and half earlier. I then proceeded to forget about them, filing them away from sight on the external hard drive.

Fast forward to two weeks ago... Eyebeam Art + Technology invited me to participate in the Emoji Art and Design Show and after several emails, they decided on ten. I remade them last week with the new operating system (still not sure how I feel about that as the blue background is overwhelming):

The curators requested that I print them the size of an iPhone 5 which proved to be difficult without cropping. Instead, they are the height of the phone with a slightly larger width.

I am sending both the original and the new version and I look forward to seeing which ones they will choose. One benefit of the new pieces is that the artist's name is not cut off at the top (which might sway me to select that one).

Man Bartlett, who is credited for the #emojiarthistory meme, will also show ten works representing this aspect of Emoji Art. Looks like an unexpected trip to NYC during finals week is in order. Hello Mike Kelley retrospective I dreamed of seeing a couple weeks ago.

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