Monday, December 30, 2013

Belated NYC Post (quickest trip yet)

Winter Break ends so early this year that I have been inundated with syllabi, handouts, committee work and powerpoints since the day after Christmas. Wishing I could write more about this post but before it gets lost in the wayside, here are some images.

Mike Kelley's retrospective at PS 1 was first and foremost on the list. Another post is in the works featuring a handful of his drawing but this cartoon like signature was a favorite.

Mike Kelley at PS 1

Mike Kelley, Deodorized Central Mass with Satellites (and detail of hanging tails), 1991/1999

Most chaotic / crazy / can't imagine being a museum guard working this room all day / didn't get enough of installation: Day is Done.

Entry installation and video to Day is Done.

In light of a recent visit to Kelley's Mobile Homestead in Detroit, photographing this model of all the artist's schools he attended (and family home) was essential.

Another must-see was Scott Reeder's People Call Me Scott at Lisa Cooley Gallery (installation view). Who doesn't like witty text paintings and spray-painted pasta?

 Scott Reeder, Alternate Titles... (spent the rest of the day thinking of additions).

Some Chelsea gallery highlights:

Tony Feher at Sikkema Jenkins Co., Untitled, 2013 (glass bottles with water, food dye and aluminum caps)

Tony Feher encore, Parlor Trix, 2013 (loved the suspension of glass work)

Richard Serra at Gagosian Gallery

Most sought after and appreciated souvenir: any brochure from David Zwirner Gallery especially if it features an exhibition like Ad Reinhardt's "black" paintings and comics.

Julie Cockburn's hand embroidered found photographs at Yossi Milo.

Finally, a visit to MoMA during a snow storm. I had the great fortune of seeing the last two versions of New Photography and was particularly interested in this year's because of the dominant use of analog processes. It did not disappoint.

Anna Ostoya used all the overlooked corners at heights far greater than centered at 60".

Brendan Fowler's "crash pieces" combined multiple picture frames.

Mariah Robertson's 11 from the XL: 19 New Acquisitions in Photography exhibition (using all 100' of a roll of photo paper)

Reflection in a detail of John Baldessari's Throwing Four Balls in the Air to Get a Square with gallery lights interfering with the shape in Ileana Sonnabend: Ambassador for the New.

Jeff Koons, Pink Panther in the Sonnabend exhibition

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