Monday, December 9, 2013

The "Art Family" (as seen through Emoji Art History)

Last summer Hannah, Lara and I were having a productive conversation on our "art family." We created new parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended relatives based on artists or art historians whose work influenced ours. This week in preparation for the Emoji Art and Design exhibition, I have reconstructed a few members of my "art family" through Emoji Art History. I have not made new versions of these since last January and recall the limitations a little too clearly. It is good practice though (at least I can remember all the artists whose work I wish I could recreate but cannot given the lack of emoticons).

Jacinda Russell, Emoji Art History: Christian Boltanski, 2013
(art uncle)

Jacinda Russell, Emoji Art History: Annette Messager, 2013
(art aunt)

Jacinda Russell, Emoji Art History: Sophie Calle, 2013
(art mother)

Jacinda Russell, Emoji Art History: Ed Ruscha #2, 2013
(art father #2)

Currently, I am trying to work Erwin Wurm in here somehow, plus a few art grandparents, and first cousins three times removed.

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