Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Extraordinarily Late Spring Postcard Collective Submission

In retrospect, I should have bailed on this round. I had too much to do and was leaving the day after the 1st May submission deadline to contemplate starting it. Also, the theme "Life and Death" was very difficult as I didn't want to fall into the "cliché trap." While in Europe, I thought of an idea and it only took an additional two weeks to materialize after my return. It was sent one month late (horrifying as I have never mailed anything this far from the deadline). Why not look at death in the form of an inanimate object? I do that all the time in most of my work so it wasn't too farfetched.

More details are forthcoming as to the content (as soon as I can formulate them into coherent thoughts) on my collaboration with Camden Hardy.

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