Friday, June 14, 2013

Commissioned Cat Scrapbook Addition

One day many months ago, 250 of the postcards below were accidentally shipped to the Art office. Since I am working on a cat project, everyone thought I should take the bundle, but one card was enough since it's not about multiples of the same image.

Heather Myers, Administrative Coordinator Extraordinaire, looked up the name on the front of the card and sent me the website. This spawned the idea of a possible commission for the cat scrapbook. Many months later, due to my busy beyond comprehension schedule, this arrived in my mailbox when I returned from Europe.

Jenny Parks created a relatively accurate portrait of Oatmeal and Button Omelet. The one thing that she was not aware of in the sample photographs I sent her to make the drawing, is that Oatmeal is twice the size of Button. Also, the cats would never sit that close to one another. Last night, I had the brief opportunity to take a quick snapshot of the two of them - foreboding shadows sum up their relationship well.

In any case, I now have a portrait of my cats to add to the cat scrapbook in homage to Arline Conradt. Too bad I feel like hanging it on the wall rather than putting it in the book. We will see what materializes from it. In the meantime, I have 2067 more cats to glue. My deadline is next week. This will happen.

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