Wednesday, June 12, 2013

17 months later, this necklace is finally happening

Once upon a time two summers ago, I saw a necklace that I wanted desperately. Unfortunately, it was in the permanent collection of the Pitti Palace in Florence and not for sale (as if I could afford it). The end of May marked the first opportunity to make a prototype before buying silver to reconstruct the real thing. Pat Nelson, the metals professor at Ball State, is going above and beyond to help me despite having three major projects she is trying to accomplish this summer.

Last year, she bought Flora Wiechmann Savoli's catalog. It's in Italian but the photographs are beautiful.

I am hoping to knock this long overdue task out before the end of the summer.

Update: Best sentence I heard while working on this Wednesday: "If you were in my class, I'd give you an 'A.'" I love Pat.

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