Friday, June 7, 2013

Cakes (both real and fake) for the opening tonight

Wish me luck in their transport 60 miles south on four interstates.

Also, Happy National Doughnut Day! To get into the spirit of things, here is a good read: Geoff Dyer's essay "Otherwise Known as the Human Condition (with particular reference to Doughnut Plant doughnuts)". A passage follows:

“What a fantastic doughnut! What a totally fantastic experience!” and that this was attracting the attention of the other customers, one of whom turned to me.

“You like the doughnuts, huh?” he said.

“And the coffee!” I said. “The doughnut would be nothing without thecoffee—andvice versa.”

“Where you from?” he said.


“Don’t they have doughnuts like that in England?”

“Not like this they don’t,” I said. “I’ve spent twenty years searching for just such a doughnut. Now that I’ve found it I can go to my grave a happy man. I’ve achieved everything I wanted from life.”

“Well, enjoy,” he said, as though I had been making a joke.

“Sure will,” I said, and resumed my chewing.

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