Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watching Light Change in the Landscape

Catherine Opie, Spring and Summer, Lake Michigan, 2004-2005

Catherine Opie, Fall and Winter, Lake Michigan, 2004-2005 

This summer I came to the realization that it is very important for me to be in a place where I can watch the light (and therefore color) change in the landscape. This thought always strikes me when I visit the mountains and the sea. [I like thinking of Lake Michigan as a calmer, cleaner, salt-free ocean in Opie's photographs above.] I want the time to observe these changes whether it's in a day or a season. This is something I am striving for in life not necessarily in the creative process.

I enjoy the consistency of location in Misrach's images of the Golden Gate Bridge. I want the time to watch a solitary object and its interaction with the elements. Something tells me there would be far less stress in the 8.5 months of the year I teach if that became a regular practice.

Richard Misrach, 4.13.99, 1999

Richard Misrach, 12.15.99, 1999

Richard Misrach, 10.6.99, 5:23 PM, 1999

Richard Misrach, 3.18.00, 4 PM, 2000

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