Wednesday, August 15, 2012


A season cannot slip by without a post about Ed Ruscha. The above is a quick snapshot of a page in this book that caught my eye in Strand Book Store in NYC last March. I loved it because it was another artist's representation of a list.

Tangentially, I also met a cow named Babycakes this summer (Fabio on left, Babycakes on right):

After a little Google search wanting to find out more about these titles, I found where the name most highlighted on the right hand page of Ruscha's list ended up.

Ed Ruscha, Babycakes via (it can be yours for $3500). 

It is llustrated with 22 photographs, one of a baby and 21 of assorted pastries with the weight of each items.  I should have made this discovery two years ago! Yet another connection between Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water and the work of Ed Ruscha.  Here are a couple low res photos of the interior via.

To which my response can only be....

Ed Ruscha, OOO

It's love at first sight... doughnut shaped circles of water floating on a swimming pool blue background. Oooh!

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