Friday, August 10, 2012

Clear Water Sample - Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine

Pemaquid Lighthouse, Maine [three kinds of clear including the tide pool "salad" in the foreground]

After visiting countless areas with clear water and forgetting to take a photograph, I finally wrote myself a reminder at Jordan Pond near the end of the week. Hannah and I spent a great deal of conversation talking about what constituted a pond versus a lake (concluding that the naming of this pond is largely a fallacy when it resembles an infinitely larger body of water).

After taking a hike on the Jordan Cliffs followed by the summit of Mt. Penobscot, my reminder had worn off but here is the view from the pond from above.

The clear water sample on Jordan Pond with the Bubbles in the background. Fortunately, I remembered (though it was close). Ironically, humans are forbidden to touch this water as it is the drinking source for the surrounding community. I tried hard not to contaminate it by taking this sample but I'm sure all the boats we saw did a little more damage than me filling a Dasani bottle.

Thanks to Hannah for acting as hand model.

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