Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Need a Stamp

Every time I see a Weegee photograph, I think of his stamp and how much I want one. Imagining everything I could do with it, is half the fun. When Hannah designed this one a year and half ago for Echo of the Object, it made an appearance on all flat surfaces within our grasp.

Over the past three years of contemplating this purchase, I haven't thought of anything that I would like it to say. It is the tattoo I will never get for fear of its permanent branding (it isn't inked on my skin - yet it could be (!) - but it does stop me from crossing that bridge each and every time).

Perhaps if I announce this desire on this blog, it will be the impetus to design one for photographs, Postcard Collective submissions (better get on that task too) and so on. Yes... I need a stamp ... Ready, Set, Appear.

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