Friday, April 11, 2014

"Devoted" by Randy Twaddle

For the past several months, Randy Twaddle's Daily Devotionals appeared in my Instagram feed. Today, all 71 of them can be found on a tumblr account. I truly admire artists that start their day in the studio with a repetitive practice.

Randy states: "I came to think of these simple, uni-ball pen drawings in a domestic context, akin to other "busywork" like needlepoint or crochet. Those Victorian alphabet samplers one sees at flea markets were on my mind a lot, as was the realization that traditionally, almost all of that work was done by women. So here I was at the kitchen table spending significant parts of my days and nights doing an equivalent of needlepoint. And happily so."

All images are from Randy Twaddle's Devoted, 2014

I am especially fond of the last one as Randy reassesses the most overused phrase (AKA my least favorite one) that makes me cringe each and every time I hear it. I may have quoted this devotional to the last person I heard say it. I may have considered this as my first tattoo. I may have wished this was available as a t-shirt.

Be sure to check out the rest!

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