Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hate-Hate Relationships with the Rubik's Cube

I knew 2014 marked the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube (due to last year's visit to Hungary, home of the inventor, Ernő Rubik), yet I unintentionally overlooked the exact day (28 March). I was first inspired to post this when discovering the photograph below a couple year's ago.

Andrew B. Myers, Buyer's Remorse

Nothing is perfect: the off center presentation, the chipped paint on the pedestal, and the inability to solve each side. The hint of red fingernail polish and blue sleeve mimic the color on the right of the puzzle. Thank you, Andrew B. Myers, for making the best photograph of a Rubik's Cube, simultaneously summing up my hate-hate relationship with the object, yet infusing humor into the situation.

David Gibson, London, 2003

Somehow Gibson's depiction of the object is palatable because it is photographed in black-and-white and I spend more time comparing patterns in the tie than looking at the game.

Scilla Klenyanszki, From A Mug's Game

Klenyanszki's cube looks nightmarish but I rest easily because of the deformity in the bottom right (relishing any opportunity to bash the color orange). The brown square draws attention to the studio set-up, allowing me to believe nothing is what it seems, despite showing the viewer a hint of the process of taking the photograph.

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