Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Artist Stalking: James Turrell #2

Once nearly five years ago, I was in a very small airplane flying over James Turrell's Roden Crater outside Flagstaff, Arizona. When the pilot offered to buzz over his ranch, the answer was an unequivical yes. A photograph was snapped and two years later, the series Stalking Artists: In Search of Home began. I have since learned that well-known artists often have one, two, three, four, and even five houses in his or her name. This week, I added the second of three addresses to my image folder on James Turrell. Here they are with a few observations.

How come every time I am (legally) around a property James Turrell owns, a truck appears making me look even more suspicious?

There is hope in making a decent living in the art world if Turrell now lives in a mansion this size (wondering if there are any experimental light spaces hidden behind all those windows?).

In addition to trucks appearing when I am nearby, the presence of a porta potty is also a commonality between his Maryland residence and Roden Crater. There is construction happening here unlike the earthwork in Flagstaff.

The front view was far more welcoming than I initially suspected from the satellite view on Google Street maps, as was the friendly woman who waved while walking her dog shortly before this photograph was taken.

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