Sunday, March 23, 2014

American Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore, MD

The American Visionary Art Museum was the number one place to visit on my Baltimore list. While living in Houston, I frequented this, this and also this and looked forward to seeing how the AVAM compared. It did not disappoint.

I am not sure who made this piece (apologies for the lack of attribution). Since I am collecting notebooks, I was intrigued by this object which is now a sculpture made to look like a functional conduit for electricity.

Kenny Irwin Jr., Have yourself a happy little robotmas, 2013 (above and two below)

Irwin's installation (part of the Human, Soul and Machine: The Coming Singularity! exhibition) floored me as I have never seen anything quite like it and most likely never will. The pseudo mountain lion heads looked like the bases in taxidermy with attached antlers but it could be the color that is throwing me off. In any case, all the animals emerged from toilets...

lead by this man who resembled a deteriorating Santa Claus...

...complete with a one-eyed snowman holding a femur. More of Irwin's work can be seen here.

Everyone was correct when they informed me that the AVAM had the best gift shop ever, leading to this purchase.

Jacinda Russell, souvenir pin from AVAM

The AVAM is one fine reason to visit Baltimore and if ever I return to the city, there is a pair of silver sunglasses in the shape of pistols with my name on them.

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