Friday, January 3, 2014

The Switch

This happened today. I finished the Ice Plant 5 Year Diary. This is a horrible present to give someone unless they ask for it because the responsibility and commitment loom for months before they decide to use it 1/3 of the year later (thanks former friend not mentioned here). Then they become addicted until an unnamed airline company searches a suitcase and slips it into the wrong bag. Four months go by with no entries, just a vague wondering of what happened to that diary. Then an email is received with a "promise to send it back as a Christmas present" (translation: owner of the other suitcase needed to finish reading it).

Aside from those two instances of blank entries, I stuck with it and (GASP) purchased a new one that now has an entry dated on the first day of the year rather than in the middle of March. The potential of having ten years of every day of my life accounted for at the end of the red volume is frightening. Maybe I will learn to vary my schedule, focusing less on documenting hours spent on powerpoints and laps swum. However, it is hard to break a system that has five years of practice compressed not so neatly into five small lines.

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