Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Globes: Round 5

Anywhere but here where 15º feels warm and driving 20 mph is too fast.

The interlibrary loan book on the potential summer travel destination arrived today.

Songs Ohia's Didn't It Rain is playing in the background.

Escape (no link necessary).

Sarah Malakoff, From the series Second Nature: Untitled (Interior Blizzard)

Sarah Malakoff, From the series Second Nature: Untitled (Interior World)
[I love this series by Malakoff as it is reminiscent of a far more comforting and livable Madonna Inn and the cats! Oh my... the cats!]

Rebecca Norris Webb, One Room School House from My Dakota, 2012
[New acquisition elaborated upon here.]

Lori Nix, Library, 2007
[Everyday I look at Lori's work as this was the first photograph I ever bought at an auction.]

Joachim Brohm, Indian Ocean, 1983-84
[For Ohio.]

Jennifer Bolande, Globe Sitings, St. Mark's Place, NYC, 2000-2001
[It's comforting to know that someone else looks for globes, documents them, and titles the photograph accordingly.]

Simoneau Guillaume, Broken Vows
[There are more things broken than vows.]

Luigi Ghirri, Lido di Spina, 1978
[Bottom of the world]

Luigi Ghirri, Modena, 1973
[A whole post could be dedicated to Ghirri's photographs of globes but these two are my favorites.]

Someday, I would like to own one of these.

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