Wednesday, January 22, 2014

College Ruled and Graph Paper in the Mike Kelley Retrospective

The following three photographs were taken of Mike Kelley's drawings and photographs at PS1 MoMA. Thank you PS1 for changing your photography policy!

One of my favorite details of the Mike Kelley Retrospective was his use of paper - both handmade and found. They were painted and photographed with text written in block letters, neatly and sloppily.

Around the same time I saw this, I finished an entire page of "Names People Think I Am Called" that begin in 1999 while working for the Houston Center for Photography. I have struggled with how to present it (currently it's written in a spiral notebook from Archaeology class in undergraduate school). I am now brainstorming whether or not I want to apply some techniques other than "found."

There is a growing pile of cardboard notebook backing in my studio. With school and work combined, I produce a great number of these over the year. They might make an appearance in the resolution of a few lists.

It doesn't hurt that I take a great deal of notes that look like this in faculty meetings (grow cardboard pile, grow).

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