Sunday, February 10, 2013

Poland Exhibition is on the Horizon

Echo of the Object is traveling to Wroclaw, Poland very soon!

Hannah's Tupperware watercolor painting & my 12 lunch bags rolled into two tubes.

I felt like I was building a cooler for 5 Objects Photographed Before Thrown Away (AKA the tight squeeze).

Due to the expense of shipping overseas and the sheer amount of work we made for the Echo exhibition, this is a smaller version of the show.  Each one of us pared down our selections and will only be showing 1/3 - 1/2 what was initially exhibited in the Atrium Gallery.

Thanks Texas Gallery for teaching me how to build boxes and ship artwork. Thanks Photo 2 students for putting up with me constructing these during lab last week (and the rest of the Photo Department tolerating the Finishing Room's transformation into a UPS store).

Now to see if Jennifer, Hannah, David and I can get our shipping estimate well under $10,000.

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