Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cat Claw Greeting Card (nearing completion) and the Woes of Too Much to Do

I hope this is the last entry of the card in progress. I am nearing 300 claws (and two teeth) as I start the "halo" around the list of participants. This afternoon I will photograph my piles of cats on paper that will be used in the scrapbook. I have mentioned the cat scrapbook for months now but as soon as I build cardboard boxes for shipping the lunch bags to Poland, I will have time to work on it rather than documenting its incomplete status. There are too many works that are floating around as partially done in the studio! This is frustrating but I have a goal of finishing this before traveling to Photolucida in April.

Also on the must conquer list in the coming weeks:

• a blog post on my marathon viewing of The Clock (coming soon after the Herron lecture)
• my collaboration with Camden Hardy (the mystery of the concrete block)
• edit more images in Autobiography that were rephotographed last week
• take James' advice and accumulate a portfolio of 4-5 series that explores my interests in collecting rather than bringing one project to the two portfolio reviews I have this spring
• somehow acquire 8-10 more exhibitions before the end of October
• eat, sleep, play with the cats, and breathe every once in awhile (I can dream)

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