Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few New Photographs for "Autobiography"

Jacinda Russell, Boise, 1986, 2013

Jacinda Russell, Tucson, 1997, 2013

In the last month, I decided that I will grow one of these for every decade of the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I don't have one for 2000-2010 but I can live without it.

Jacinda Russell, Swimsuit Bag, 2001 - present, 2013

Jacinda Russell, We are Not That Different, He and I, 2013

The above triptych concludes my exploration with both of these images.

Sadly, my encaustic experiment last summer turned green. No one knows why - perhaps a reaction between wax and archival inkjet prints. I printed my favorite image of the grid and it is now framed and ready to be sent to University of Tennessee in August. As of now, the title is still The Collection and Its Return though that could change because it is also a family portrait of my brother and me.

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