Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Clock: Prepping for the Art Pilgrimage

I am rereading Zadie Smith's "Killing Orson Wells at Midnight" before this weekend's jaunt to Columbus. I will do everything I possibly can to see it at 12 AM: green tea, snacks, etc.

An excerpt from the above article: "Naturally everyone wants to see midnight. “Why does it always happen at midnight?” asks a young man by a fireplace, underneath a carriage clock. “Because it does!” replies his friend. In the run-up, only Juliette Binoche in France is able to remain calm: quietly, foxily, ironing a bag of laundry, while wearing a bra-less T-shirt. In America everyone’s going crazy. Both Bette Davis and Joan Crawford start building to climaxes of divadom early, at around a quarter to the hour. Jaws going, eyeballs rolling. At ten to midnight Farley Granger looks utterly haunted, though I suppose he always looked that way. At three minutes to midnight people start demanding stays of execution: “I want to speak to the governor!” And the violins start, those rising violins, slashing at their strings, playing on our midnight angst."

Columbus, here we come (almost)!

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