Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Constructing James Castle" at the Urban Arts Space

I visited Constructing James Castle at the Urban Arts Space in Columbus today as per Cat Lynch's suggestion. This is the largest show of his work that I have ever seen despite many opportunities in the past. Some observations: 1) His art does not scream Idaho; 2) I am not that interested in the drawings unless they are depicted on atypical paper with strings hanging from them or scraps with other information appearing through the soot; 3) his use of materials to create 3-D objects - ranging from crude books and paper dolls, rope, cardboard, advertisements - were striking. 4) I always knew he was deaf but seeing the references to text and language in his drawings broadened that connection.

This is what a photograph taken of a James Castle constructed object looks like with no distractions in the background and good composition (image via). 

This is what a photograph of the same constructed object looks like while quickly taking a photo in the 5.9 seconds of hiding behind a column before an intimidating security guard drilling holes into my back noticed. For the record, there were no posted signs stating that photographing the exhibition was not allowed.

Overall, I was glad to see the exhibition and visit a new space - one to keep an eye on in the future.

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