Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joachim Brohm's Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio has been on my mind lately as there are a couple trips planned to this city East of here this month (here's to getting a membership to the Wexner!). I checked out Joachim Brohme's Ohio from interlibrary loan and have been fascinated by how much (or little) things have changed. There are many connections to Joel Sternfeld and Stephen Shore - the era and the subject matter photographed are eerily similar. Most of the images are of Columbus, taken when Brohm was attending Ohio State for his Master's degree.

Joachim Brohm, Aire-Flo, 1983-84

Joachim Brohm, High Street, 1983-84

Joachim Brohm, Hood and Wires, 1983-84

Joachim Brohm, Keep Out, 1983-84

Joachim Brohm, North and High, 1983-84

Joachim Brohm, On Fire, 1983-84

Joachim Brohm, Taxi, 1983-84

Today, Brohm lives and works in Germany. Here is a link to a more recent series from 2009.

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