Friday, March 2, 2012

Los Angeles Public Library

I was able to visit my old student Paulina Pupek and she took me to the Los Angeles public library after lunch in Little Tokyo. The architecture was amazing as was the collection of library books and a display of damaged books with absolutely no explanatory text. The library even has an old travel poster collection.

The exterior in the late afternoon light (it gets dark so early in LA).
The architecture reminded me of visiting an old mission. If you look closely in this photograph you can see the water fountain featured below.

There is clear water in Los Angeles!

The amazing ceiling featuring a suspended globe.

The gallery exhibition A Nation Emerges: The Mexican Revolution Revealed couldn't compete with the architecture.

I was very impressed with multiple copies of the same art books! My favorite Czech photography book was even available for check-out.

I really missed an explanation of this burned book. Where did it come from? Why was it here? It was my favorite in a case of variously destroyed volumes.

The half-books with no covers were equally compelling. I'd love to create an installation of ruined books in a library as an art project. Hmmm....

I never would have thought twice about visiting this place if it wasn't for Paulina and Doug. It's now a close second after the Seattle Public Library on institutions of this kind.

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