Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dessert Tour of San Francisco (while on the subject of "Real Cakes")

The nastiest cake of the trip on display in Chinatown. Any guesses how old this is?

The most beautiful breakfast appetizer: Pepple's Donuts in the Ferry Building at Embarcadero (see that blueberry one in the front row second from the left? Buy that one).

Stella's Pastry in North Beach was on Alexis's list. I caved to peer pressure and bought the dessert below that Amelia and I shared late one night after portfolio reviews.

It was a Mixed Berry Tart Slice. My dessert quota of the spring was met.

Because we haven't discussed chocolate yet: Amelia imitating Janine Antoni's Lick and Lather at SFMOMA. We were contemplating how (and why) on earth someone would want to bite off the nose of this artwork.

From a Bomb Magazine interview with Antoni: "The first time it happened was in Venice. Lick and Lather, self-portrait busts—seven in chocolate, seven in soap—were shown at the Venice Biennale. Halfway into the show, a young woman, a teenager from Czechoslovakia who was there with her parents on vacation, bit three noses off my chocolate heads! One after the other until the guards stopped her. The Italian newspapers went nuts, they had these funny little drawings of a very fat woman with a fork—with my nose on the tip. And they talked about the history of work being destroyed, like the Pieta. Another article talked about Stendahl’s Syndrome-how this teenager was so overcome by beauty she couldn’t help herself."

Needless to say, we were not compelled.

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