Sunday, March 4, 2012

For every one of my photographs I frame...

... I hereby promise to frame someone else's artwork until I run out of space or finish the box of loose photographs that desperately need some wall time. First up... Jason DeMartre's Bologna (excuse the i-Phone quality & reflections that make the matboard look dirty).

The two David C. Nolan and Marilyn Monroe prints were matted and framed for the Lust exhibition. Thursday I had a three hour gap between the faculty meeting and my first class so I measured and cut the matboard. It was perfect timing because I also had a Photo 1 demo that evening with the bevel cutter so I had ready-made examples. What I didn't realize until five minutes before class started was my demo print was the one below left. Try to explain that to a Photo 1 class!

Friday I walked across campus with a very large (roughly 4' x 8') piece of cardboard during a tornado warning. Needless to say, I had to succumb to the wind and bend it in half to get it to the Art Department. I am very proud of my near perfect box and packing (one can tell I worked in a gallery and am related to my grandmother who could pack 100 things in the smallest of boxes). I told Hannah when a box turns out like this, it's the only time I like math. She reminded me that counting cats also features arithmetic to which I had to change "only" to "rare."

[I did fill those small gaps with rolled bubble wrap but only documented it beforehand.]

The prints will be shipped off to the Lust exhibition next week (I am waiting to include return postage). Then it's back to scanning those cats.

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