Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Welcome to My World" at 23 Sandy Gallery

The sheer volume of artworks that feature globes that I've collected since beginning this blog astounds me. Imagine my delight when I discovered a couple months ago that 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon was having an exhibition devoted to this object. Not that I was dying for December to arrive but I was excited to find that the show is finally online.

Welcome to My World is an invitational exhibition featuring over twenty artists from the Portland, Oregon area. From the gallery's website: "The artists were asked to transform, build, infuse, reduce or reinvent the globe using the expressive power of cartography, exploring the form of the globe to create a compelling new work of art."

Some of the highlights from their online catalog follow:

Renee Zangara, Palette, 1995-2011

Kerry Davis, Under the Wire, 2011

Heidi Kirkpatrick, Global Warming, 2011 (vintage fur coat)

Allison Bruns, Dictators, 2011

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