Saturday, December 3, 2011


Tereza Vlckova, Two, 2007-2008

Simen Johan, Untitled #163 from the series Until the Kingdom Comes, 2011

William Wegman, Lynn's Marks Mapped on Terry, 1970

Neal Slavin, International Twins Association, Muncie, Indiana 1976

Aaron Ruell, Untitled, 2004-2006

Aaron Ruell, Untitled, 2004-2006

Maia Flore,
Maia Och Fiore

Vibeke Tandberg, Living Together, 1996

John Gossage,
From The Fort of Maghera

Debra Broz, Twin Kittens, 2010

Cornelia Hediger

Jillian Ludwig,
Love Whoopsies, 2009

Google Searching Diane Arbus's "Identical Twins"

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