Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Selection of Birds & One Tiger in "Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage"

"Cutting Edges: Contemporary Collage" exceeded all my expectations (thank you interlibrary loan). Here is a selection of birds and one tiger from this survey that was published earlier this year.

Emmanuel Polanco, La and Do, 2010

Dolan Geiman, Zerelda's Weathervane, 2008

Dolan Geiman, Field Guide Riverbank, 2008

Emmanuel Polanco, The Raven, 2009

Emmanuel Polanco, Le Tigre, 2009

Since I only now realized three of the above images were from Emmanuel Polanco, I went to his website and discovered even more bird collages! All the images below are from the link above.

Also check out Dolan Geiman's website (this image provides the bird and cat link).


  1. oh man...i really like that polanco image. cool stuff.

  2. thanks Drew. i love the fact that it's contemporary collage but looks 100 years old!

  3. Thanks for the mention. You can visit my main website at dolangeiman.com. Cheers!


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