Monday, August 22, 2011

To Florence & My Very Odd Hotel Room

There was a lot of waiting for my train platform number to appear on the board in Venice most of the late morning. Amazingly with the six train trips in Italy, each and every time it featured a board like this, my train was the last to post usually at the five minute departure point. Stressful!

I finally made it to my Florence hotel in the late afternoon - it was very hot and humid and I would spend the rest of my trip here dodging rainstorms and intense sunshine. My Room without a View:

...that proved to be excellent people watching for the duration of my stay.

Surprisingly this was a hotel room without artwork. I kept trying to justify the chandelier as an installation piece...

...but ultimately decided on covering up the mirror.

The most gaudy bedspread in the entire country proved to be an ideal "artwork" cover:

When removing the bedspread and readjusting the mirror, I discovered an inoperable safe!

That was just the beginning of the bizarre things that would take place in this hotel. One day a key appeared for 48 hours on the bedside table. I didn't touch it, shocked that another key would appear in my life after returning Braydee's earlier this summer.

Once I finally decided I was going to take it, it disappeared...

... only to be replaced by a pair of cleaning gloves left on top of my suitcase.

Once again this was ironic because I had thrown my three remaining clear water sample gloves in the top of my bag on the way out the door that day.

No such luck hanging money from curtains in this hotel. It looks like they were once there but sadly, no longer.

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