Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Florence: In Search of Davids

It became quickly apparent that I would not have time to see everything on my list in Florence. The Academy where Michelangelo's David was displayed, was one of the first things I decided not to see. It then became a personal mission to photograph every reproduction of David that I could find. If I saw one thousand reproductions, would that be just as impressive as the real thing? [Yes, I know the answer to that question.]

On my last day in Florence, I had a couple hours to kill and caved, devoting 2 hours to standing in line. Here's the graffiti on the wall of the back side of the Academy approximately 45 minutes into the wait.

An hour later, I made it around the corner where I could see the door (just past the white overhang). I stood here for so long, the sun moved from beating skin cancer into my forehead to high on the wall and slightly out of reach. I was fascinated by the man in the red shirt's desire to squeeze his girlfriend's pimple which lasted approximately five minutes.

Eventually, I gave up and will have to live with the reproductions instead.

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