Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Florence Day 3.5: Last Full Day

Nothing beats walking around a hot and humid city looking in windows at old books (equals a place I dared not enter).

Vegetables at the Mercato Centrale (photographed in an effort to wipe my brain permanently of the chickens complete with limp rooster heads still attached for sale on the other end of building)...

... followed by pastries (yes that chocolate one was good).

Santa Croce was by quite possibly my favorite place in Florence specifically the little courtyard below.

It looks empty because it's feels like 125 degrees (everyone is in the shade off to the side looking at replicas of David for sale).

The typical view inside (scaffolding) and plastic covering gravestones where workers convene to restore them. In some areas, light shone through the stained glass looking as bright as Las Vegas signage with a layer of plastic disguising the view (not apparent in this photograph).

Leonardo da Vinci's burial plaque on the right,

Galileo is buried here,

and Michelangelo below.

The best little courtyard in Italy.

Final observations:

• If ever I return to Florence, I will need to visit San Marco as it was closed the three times I tried.

• I liked this city a lot in the grand scheme of things but it didn't feel like a place I knew I would return to much like Paris or Edinburgh did when I first visited (or Venice for that matter).

• I saw my first two cats of the trip in the Boboli Gardens. There were near the cactus gardens but not close enough (sorry Adrienne - I tried to take a "Cats and Cactus" photograph with you in mind)

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