Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Acquisitions

Replicating a Little Brown Mushroom blog post. [Click on that link and see Alec Soth's top 10 books including self-published of 2010.]

New acquisitions: Pure Beauty from Mom (yay). Maine Coon Cats from Donna (as I seem to have one of those). The blank space on the left will be filled with Richard Avedon: Performance and New Topographics also from Donna when they arrive next week. The rest of the mother lode I bought a month ago and mostly forgot about until today: The Ongoing Moment which I read earlier this year and loved; who could resist Curious Men?; Steve Martin's latest novel about the artworld, An Object of Beauty; the book I've been salivating over for months; thought I'd be a good artist stalker and finally own this; a catalog that goes with one of the funniest exhibitions I saw this year; and my biggest surprise and the exhibition I wish I saw at MOMA this fall.

There are so many images that are catching my eye, I'll be posting the rest of winter break. Today I need to see if this department store window fluff outside the door actually molds into a form resembling a snow cake. Photographs forthcoming (disasters and otherwise). Happy Holidays!

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