Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year, A New Blog*

"Something Between Want and Desire" was a phrase I couldn't help but write down when my cousin was struggling to find the right word while proofreading my artist statement for "Nine Fake Cakes and Nine Bodies of Water." It is appropriate as it indicates a search... something that I routinely visit in my own art and day-to-day existence. I credit Amelia Morris with "plaster meringue emporium" though this blog will extend far beyond fake cakes and Drew DeBoy for giving me the responsible advice of using my name for the website address rather than something more vague as I had planned.

I'm trying this on my own after two years of dedication to In Search of the Center, my collaboration with Nancy Douthey. For the eight of you that routinely read the other, welcome to the new incarnation!

This blog is about the process behind the end product which eventually appears on my website. It's another manifestation of my sketchbook. I always have too many fires burning as I simultaneously make work about widely divergent subject matter. What is in store for the immediate future?

More cakes (one magnificent piece made out of snow in my attempt to think positively and delve into a season that I wish was far shorter):

The Autobiography (at long last = a decade in the making) beginning with the lists I've been keeping since the 1st June (200+):

Earthworks (as always, I can't get them out of my mind):

All the research my assistant Elise Rorick did for me on Richard Long and Hamish Fulton will materialize into my application for:

My first installation since Strange Artifacts: A Found Object and Photographic Wunderkammer featuring obsessive collecting and:

And finally.... another road trip in the making! A project I tentatively refer to as VB (not Vanessa Beecroft): Venice Beach and the Venice Bienale. More plans for artist stalking and the search are in the works and how does one begin? With Ed Ruscha of course.

Ed Ruscha with his books, c. 1969 courtesy of Gagosian Gallery, LA

*All posts before this one that extend into 2010 were moved over from In Search of the Center, painstakingly, gradually, and at long last.

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