Monday, December 6, 2010

If all goes well in the kiln, the last of the glass plates were made today

Remember the shield? It was scorched today to push out the glass and make an indentation so it looked like the 5-tier was sinking slightly (and to make it larger).

Ben and Brent had to put up with a lot of flames during this process.

So much so that Ben was also scorched (though not too badly).

The result of the indentation (can you say "50 pound weight?").

The result of the flames (Ben's burned facial hair).

The table was so hot, it had to be cooled down before the final cake plate for Little Great Lakes was poured.

I made Li and Jon's recipe for "Decadent Chocolate Cake" yesterday to celebrate. Here's what it looked like freshly frosted.

Here's what it looked like (posing on a cake plate on top of a fake cake plate) after sitting in my car for a few hours in 15 degree weather.

It was Hannah and Mike's belated birthday cake (ahem two months late) but still was edible nonetheless. Brent also shaved down some of the sharp glass pieces on four of the plates and they are sitting underneath their respective cakes in the studio. I'll post a photograph when today's three are done.

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