Thursday, September 16, 2010

Postcard Documentation

The idea began with a photograph emailed to me by Shannon Mehaffey (the two images below are June and July 2010 respectively).

How do other people display these images? What life do they lead once they are out of my hands? So I asked and here is part one of the answers I received. Shannon's version from August 2010 (see her blog post here on the last of the cakes):

Speaking of blog posts, Camden Hardy ever so kindly posted this about the postcards.

My Mom's version of display strictly for the photograph as she keeps them in a file with my name on it.

Natalie and Richard were very creative with their photographs. I devoted a post to Richard's image and the one below is Natalie's on her pink vanity table:

Amelia and Drew hang all their cards over a doorway and suddenly it became the fake cake show:

And to round out part one, Sara Shoemaker Lind sent me this image but had a very special request... could she have another set of the postcards because she has an idea but doesn't want to ruin them? So they are off in the mail this week and since her specialty is underwater photography, I am most interested in seeing what she will come up with!

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